Friday, November 20, 2015

A Letter To Peter Pan

Dear Peter Pan,

I’ve known you since I was just a little kid. I dont even remember who bought me the full illustrated book about you. Is it my mom, or my dad, or one of my aunt. I just remember I’m so so so happy about the book. The story and the illustration. I remember you become my hero since then, my favorite fairy tale ever. I want to live in your world, Neverland. I tell everyone that I want to be a kid forever. I dont want to grow up. I want to live in a world that has you in it. But when I grew older, I realize that you’re just a fairy tale. You dont exist like I always believe when I was a kid. And I kinda start to forget you, enjoying my grown-up moments. I dont even feel sad when my Mom asked me to donate my children books.

And I know it was too late to regret about it now.

I’m 26 now, and just discovered that being an adult is not as fun as being a kid. Far from that. And I dont feel I like it. You have to choose between this and that, and it’s not as simple as chocolate or strawberry ice cream that you can choose both. Things get more hard day by day. Everyone wants me to think about everything that I dont want to think. I dont like it.

It makes me want to back to the day when all I can do is laughing and always feel happy about little things. Maybe I will cry someday, just because my mom wont let me have an ice cream. I want to back to the day when I was just a little kid. The day when I’m so into you. I will happily let you come to my window and take me to Neverland.

a 26 year old girl who feel the adult life is scary

P.S. dont take it too serious, I’m just missing my childhood and want to talk to my hero when I was kid :D

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  1. Same here! I also hate being adult. But life must go on anyway :')