Monday, July 6, 2015

I Want These So Bad!!

Make a wishlist is one of my favorite things to do on my spare time. It's fun I guess. Although sometimes it hard to make it happen because of 'keterbatasan dana' haha. And NOW i really want to take these cuties home with me :p

Red Converse or and Taylor Swift's 1989 Champion Keds
Cant choose. I want both of them *prayformywallet*

Rapunzel Plushie
Kinda hard to find this adorable (super) long haired blondie here :(

The Bane Chronicles Paperback
Heheh I have a big massive crush with this High Warlock of Brooklyn. I've read the e-book but I want to have the paperback. Fangirl thingy :)

Overall Skirt
I bought the short one from my office's bazaar last week. But what I really want so bad is the long one :p

Wonderstruck or Taylor by Taylor Swift Perfume
Since the perfume not officially in store here, I have to buy it online which made it sooo expensive *sigh*

Nah, that's all. Things that I really really want so bad right now. I just need to patiently waiting for my annual bonuses from office I guess :)

So, would you tell me what's on your wishlist now? :)


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