sorry for my awkward pose :p

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Heryani Syafitri. You can call me Eya. I loveto describe myself as a part time designer and full time dreamer who spent her 'me time' for fangirling. I'm 20++ years old but I wish I could be forever 17 hehe. Currently live in Bandung for more than 10 years but please don't ask me to speak Sundanese, I only know inappropriate language :p

I love drawing and I make my living by drawing pattern for printed fabric. Besides fangirling, I spent my spare time for reading some books and watching movies or serial TV. I likes writing too, that's why I make this blog. So, what can you get from this blog? I mostly talk about books or movies here, and sometimes I will write about my forever Queen; Taylor Swift. Maybe I will share my drawing too if I'm not too lazy hehe.

Feel free to greet me
twitter: @hersyuuu

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